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Protect your rabbit from the misery of maggots

As a responsible rabbit owner did you know that blowflies can cause a maggot infestation on your pet which can cause serious damage and even death. Maggot infestations (“blowfly strike”) can seriously affect your rabbits welfare so it is vital to protect your pet.

The adult fly will lay eggs on any material that will provide the maggots/larvae with food – usually in a rabbits hindquarters and particularly if they are soiled with urine or faeces. Eggs can hatch to maggots in as little as 12 hours

The second and third maggot stages feed on the rabbit skin causing severe damage.

Maggots pupate in just a few days then hatch to produce new adults.

Maggot infestation is most common in hot and humid weather but the fly season runs from April to October and maggots can occur at any time of the year.

Rabbits at the highest risk are those that suffer from obesity, dental disease, diarrhoea, arthritis and skin wounds. Long coated rabbits are also more susceptible. Flies are also more attracted to rabbits when the environmental conditions and hygiene are poor – such as dirty hutches. It is therefore important to keep their living area clean and disinfected and to regularly remove waste and soiled bedding. Even if kept in clean conditions, rabbits may develop soiled hindquarters and attract flies.