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In addition to our routine flea control we have also launched a revolutionary new product which is effective for 12 weeks against fleas and ticks. It is easily administered as a chewable tablet (pork liver to increase palatability) which is given around the time of feeding. This product is suitable for pets over 8 weeks old and greater than 2kg in weight.



Pack Sizes 

2 – 4.5kg

>4.5 – 10kg

>10 – 20kg

>20 – 40kg

>40 – 60kg

Fleas are killed within 8 hours of exposure to Fluralaner which stops the egg production quickly so lowering environmental problems. As well as adult ticks it also works against the larvae and nymph stages of the tick life cycle. Ticks are killed within 12 hours which reduces the possibility of transmitting tick borne diseases as no engorgement occurs.

Fluralaner is also safe to use in pregnant and lactating bitches.


Big Flea GuaranteeIf you register at www.mypetonline.co.uk you can download a voucher for one of our nurses to do a free flea and tick check before dispensing Fluralaner. If you are not satisfied with the protection offered by Fluralaner there is a full “money back” satisfaction offer if additional treatment of your dog is required to manage fleas within three months of Fluralaner treatment. You simply have to register when you purchase your first pack of Fluralaner.

Once three doses of Fluralaner have been dispensed (within a 12 month period) this offer enables us to dispense the 4th pack free of charge. We will provide you with a claim card. You can purchase all three treatments and claim the 4th at the outset if this is more convenient.

It has to be stressed at this stage that whatever product is used it is vital that effective environmental treatment is used at the same time. This would involve,

  • Washing or disposal of pets bedding.

  • Hoovering pet areas but especially next to skirting boards, down sides of cushions etc

  • Using a recommended environmental spray – in our opinion Indorex is the best product to use.

This is a prescription-only product and is only available from your vet.