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Is your pet's vaccination overdue?

If your pet has not received a vaccination within the last year we would consider it to be overdue. The vaccinations are designed to protect against some very unpleasant and potentially life threatening diseases and we would urge you to get your pet up to date as soon as possible. We still see animals in the practice with these condiions on a regular basis.


  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Parvovirus
  • Kennel Cough


  • Feline Enteritis 
  • Cat Flu
  • Feline Leukaemia

To bring your pets vaccination up to date will need two injections 2/3 weeks apart and to try and encourage owners to do this we are constantly running an incentive scheme.

In dogs we will only charge you for the cost of the single yearly booster - £37.50. This represents a saving of £11.00 on the usual cost of giving the two injections.

In cats we have reduced the usual cost of the two injections by 10% - £33.70 (Flu and Enteritis) and £47.00 (Flu, Enteritis and Leukaemia)

Apart from the obvious health benefits for your pet they will also be protected to go in to a kennels or cattery. If you pet is unvaccinated it can also cause problems with insurance claims.