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Ultrasound Facilities


This is our practice ultrasound machine which is identical to the machines used in human hospitals. Ultrasound is a form of sound wave which can pass through skin and tissue into the body. The sound waves are directed through the area we want to look at and some of the sound waves are reflected back like an echo which are collected by the ultrasound probe. These echoes are detected by a computer processor which uses them to produce an image on the screen for the us to interpret.

What does an ultrasound examination involve? To ensure good contact between the ultrasound probe head and the skin of your pet, the hair will be shaved off and ultrasound gel applied. Most animals will be happy to be ultrasounded while restrained. They may need to be sedated if they resent being held still. It is however a completely pain free and non-invasive procedure and the perfect compliment to x-rays.

The information from blood tests, radiographs, ultrasound, clinical examination and clients history allows us to gradually fit the diagnosis jigsaw together.


This is an ultrasound image showing a five week pregnancy in a dog. Dogs are pregnant for nine weeks


An image of a dogs kidney.
Two calculi/stones/uroliths in a bladder.
Beautiful image of an eyeball.


Vital information about the liver can be ascertained from ultrasound